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Chapter 7

For people in debt who need a “fresh start” and who either have no valuable, nonexempt assets or wish to liquidate their property. In either situation, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can bring real peace of mind and a much better financial outlook.

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If Chapter 7 is not right for you, then a structured payment plan, based on factors such as your disposable income and equity, may be the best solution to your financial woes. Chapter 13 is more complex, but often the best way to deal with creditors. We assist each debtor in drafting a workable payment plan, respond to motions to lift the “automatic stay” and foreclose on real property, prepare motions for authority to sell or transfer real property, and a host of other motions and procedures.

Foreclosure Avoidance

If you are behind in mortgage payments and the bank or loan servicer has started or threatened to start foreclosure proceedings, then a Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the defense you need. Chapter 13 can stop a foreclosure and even a court-ordered sale of your home as late as the day of sale. And bankruptcy law gives you a way to pay the mortgage arrearage over time.